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TPIs, which operate in the energy market, do so under a large number of business models and serve a number of consumers, from residential customers to large consumers. TPIs are not subject to direct sector regulation in the same way as Ofgem`s energy suppliers. They are regulated under general consumer protection rules and have, in some cases, signed voluntary agreements on their business practices and interactions with consumers. As part of the ICT programme, we want to work closely with stakeholders and collect their input for the development of our policy proposals. Until now, these have been doors and cooperation with industry stakeholders, as well as working group discussions with TPIs, suppliers and consumer groups. These TPIs, which negotiate or negotiate energy supply contracts on behalf of companies, must take appropriate measures to implement the standards. If there is a problem, would you prefer to correct it to low or high frustration? Securing your energy contracts through an IPT will reduce your stress and frustration. If a problem arises, your IPT should be your first call, you will talk to a real person, someone whose name you know, someone who knows your account before and who knows your facilities and needs. Compare this to the alternative: if you go alone with the provider, you are breathing deeply because you are about to enter the „helpline hell“ zone. Instead of dealing with a TPI, you`ll spend time pressing `1 for billing` 2 to read the counters, etc. If you are talking to a human representative, you may not provide your last name, email address or direct phone number to call you back.

Suppliers-Helplines can sometimes lead to a serious removal of hair. Don`t go bald, call a serious IPT instead, your hairdresser will thank you! You will be assured that all of the IPTs listed below want to do business fairly and responsibly. Yes, it is true, you can enter into electricity and gas contracts on your own. Consider for a second that a good ICT provides daily contracts, in fact, the negotiation of energy contracts is their bread and butter, not an activity they carry out once a year. Would you feel better with an experienced negotiator or someone negotiating for the first time, or once a year? Our TPI program will take into account the long-term sustainable regulatory framework for TPs and tailored regulatory measures to address certain segments of the retail energy markets for individuals and businesses. You can find the information and instructions that flow from this work in the list of posts and updates below on this page. And if you think they don`t meet these standards, you can contact us. TPIs are not regulated by Ofgem. Our code of conduct is a set of principles to ensure that you know you are dealing with a trusted mediator.

The Code of Conduct is a set of standards that help protect our business customers.

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