Riser Management Agreement

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Buildings with Riser management offer tenants the security of knowing that the connectivity of their building is the top priority. The benefits of Managing Riser for the customer are: Before signing a management agreement with a Riser management provider, you need to understand how these providers can affect your customers. Be sure to consider the short- and long-term impact of this type of service on your reputation and profitability. Unfortunately, tenants pay a considerable premium for working with Bauhaus`s management company. The cost of installing telephone wiring at an office is generally ten times higher than the alternative for direct collaboration with a connectivity provider. Should you be concerned about the risks associated with your current Riser infrastructure? It`s possible. These trials require a lot of time for each client`s request. Maintaining Riser`s management processes offers many benefits to property managers and their employees: the IMG service starts at the network operator`s entry point into your building – also known as the Point of Presence (NETPOP) or minimum entry point (MPOE) – and continues to a demarcation point (DEMARC) within the client sector. We are responsible for the maintenance of the Main Distribution Framework (MDF) and the entire De Riser infrastructure in your building. If the carrier or supplier has unauthorized or unattended access to your system, this increases the risk of errors that could disconnect your building. Riser management improves reliability by limiting access to your building`s communications infrastructure, unless the work is authorized or performed by IMG technicians.

To fully protect the integrity of your telecommunications infrastructure means relying on competent service providers. The most effective way to support your customers` needs in affordable broadband internet is probably not in a riser management business. While Riser Management is a relatively new sector, companies are increasingly aware of the risks and costs associated with moving to a commercial space with a managed partnership. The decision to reach an agreement could cost your potential tenant rental team and reduce the satisfaction of new tenants. The space in your riser is valuable, so we track all the equipment and wiring to make sure your riser is free of unnecessary appliances. Building management is necessary to limit access to NetPOP/MPOE and Riser cabinets for the duration of an imG Riser Management agreement.

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