Recovery Agency Agreement

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Agence receives a fee of 1 per cent of all amounts recovered on behalf of the CLIENT. Agence can deduct its rights to the amounts recovered; However, all amounts due to the CLIENT are held in a separate receiver account. In the event that a debtor returns goods, the value for the purposes of the agreement is the net selling price received for the same product or if the customer accepts the goods, – their wholesale value. This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. The signing of this agreement establishes agreement between the parties and prevents confusion between the information relating to recoveries and payments to the parties. AGENCE is responsible for all costs related to its collection efforts, except court and legal fees if the appeal is approved, and expenses for legal and legal costs will be approved. All appeals commissions or court costs are approved in writing prior to their issuance. 1. Make several copies. Give each party an autographed original. The CLIENT makes collection claims available to the AGENCE from time to time. THE CLIENT indicates that all accounts it provides to the AGENCE are legally due and due. On request, the CLIENT makes available the source documentation of the AGENCE for all accounts due and verification of the balance owed.

The AGENCY is duly licensed, linked to competent and trained collector staff (if necessary) and may have reasonable and legitimate effects in recovering customers` claims. AGENCY conducts collection activities on behalf of the CLIENT at any time, in accordance with all legal laws and regulations, and keeps THE CLIENT free of any claims related to illegal collection activity. The AGENCE must be made available to the CLIENT at least all – You are here: Home page „Finance “ Banking – Collections“ Client Collection Agency is allowed to withdraw accounts as soon as the AGENCE has been assigned, but if collections related to these accounts are reported to the AGENCE, and the costs of the AGENCE are paid.

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