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11.3 Personal data. To the extent that Rapid7 processes personal data about a person in connection with the provision of the Software or Service, the Customer accepts Rapid7`s data processing contract, which is located in www.rapid7.com/legal/dpa/. 10.2 Support Services. Rapid7 provides support during a subscription period or on the order form in accordance with Rapid7`s support policy, which is www.rapid7.com/docs/customers-support-guidebook.pdf the security console displays a red notification when licensed assets exceed 100% of the maximum allocated. If your licensed assets exceed the license limit, you have temporary flexibility to scan above your license limit to stay safe. 11.7 Restricted rights of the U.S. government. This section applies to all purchases of Software or Services by or for the U.S. federal government or by a principal or subcontractor (at any level) under a contract, grant, cooperation contract or other activities with the federal government for final use by the government. Software and services are „commercial elements“ as defined in FAR 2.101. Where the client is an executive agency (as defined in FAR 2.101) of the U.S.

federal government („government“), Rapid7 provides software and services, including all technical data and/or professional services, in accordance with the following provisions: Is a right of access to software and services obtained by or on behalf of an executive agency (with the exception of an executive agency within the Ministry of Defence (DoD), is granted to the government, in accordance with the standards FAR 12.211 (Technical Data) and FAR 12.212 (computer software), the agreement only describes the technical data and software rights usually made available to Rapid7 customers as such. When a right of access to software and services is obtained by or on behalf of an executive agency within the DoD, DFARS 227.7202-3 (rights to commercial computer software or commercial documentation of computer software) grants the government only the rights to technical data and software usually made available to Rapid7 customers as such rights in this agreement. In addition, DFARS 252.227-7015 (Technical Data – Commercial Objects) applies to technical data provided by Rapid7 to an executive agency within the DoD. However, note that subsection 227.72 does not apply to computer software or IT service documentation acquired under GSA calendar contracts. Unless expressly authorized by this Agreement, no other rights or licences will be granted to the government. All rights requested by the government and not granted under this agreement must be subject to a separate written agreement with Rapid7. This section 11.6 of the agreement replaces and replaces any other far, DFARS or other complementary clause, provision or regulation that deals with the government`s software and service rights.

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