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In addition to MarinBios level of research (non-BPL – non-GMP) work, Marin Biologic Laboratories performs scientific work under good laboratory practice (BPL) or good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards. BPL and BPL are terms used by the FDA and regulators that define laboratory work that specifically meets rigorous laboratory research or manufacturing guidelines. MarinBio uses a quality management control system to ensure customers the consistency, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity of the MarinBio study. Good Laboratory Practice (BPL) are federal rules that require the implementation of a robust quality management system to ensure the validity, integrity and reliability of non-clinical safety data transmitted for regulatory evaluation and approval. Quality agreements are a fundamental pillar of the sphere of good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the sense of LA section 16.12 of ICH Q7 and good laboratory practices (BPL) derived from 21 CFR Part 58.1 and 58.35. They have become more common in the best clinical practice (PCG) arena of clinical trial operations because risk-based study management is well established. Quality agreements set quality expectations for both the sponsor and the outsourced supplier and are structured in a common agreement. Web seminar participants learn the purpose, the factors that are taken into account in, and examine the possible content of quality agreements. Since then, researchers have continued to develop alternative methods of drug safety assessment and good laboratory practices can now be applied to all non-clinical laboratory safety studies, including in vitro and ex vivo tests.

In short, BPL-compliant studies require documentation (for example. B standard operating procedures) and are overseen by quality assurance units that conduct inspections based on processes, facilities and studies. Although non-BPL studies do not meet BPL requirements, they must nevertheless provide quality, verified and reliable data. The application of BPL and BPL practices in MarinBio`s typical laboratory practices creates a consistent environment of the highest quality and fully documented. The value of these BPL or BPL practices is to have consistent verifiable evidence that each measurement has been conducted across the supply chain and in the final procedures to ensure an authentic and accurate presentation of the study.

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