Definition Of Provider Agreements

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6.02. Protection of confidential information: as a health care provider with access to confidential information, the provider undertakes to behave in strict compliance with applicable legislation, including, but not limited to laws protecting and preserving the confidentiality of confidential information. The provider is required to read and comply with these requirements and to read and respect all staff who work with the supplier and have access to confidential information. Violation of any of these requirements is disciplinary for the supplier, which may include, among other things, loss of participation in managed care plans, loss of privileges for access to confidential information, losses or privileges in Intermountain Healthcare institutions and legal liability. 3.05 Other administrative functions: Managed care plans are responsible for managing their health care programs, including general patient management, marketing and training activities related to administered care requirements. Managed car plans are responsible for obtaining appropriate authorizations for the provision of patient care information to help them pay for damage management and use and quality improvement activities. SelectHealth is responsible for managing the supplier-contract and supplier relations functions for its networks. Health plans compensate covered service providers provided to members in accordance with the provider agreement. The terms to be included in the supplier agreement are listed below. These include information on compensation, billing, payment, network participation, supplier license and insurance, supplier notification information, registration maintenance, termination and state contract and registration requirements. Finally, the offer agreement should grant the health plan specific rights to access medical records and other books and records relevant to the supplier`s participation in the supplier network. Such provisions generally allow a health plan to access this information at an appropriate time. 2.05 Use of back-up providers: If the use of back-up or standby service providers is authorized by a managed care plan and the provider uses a back-up or standby provider, which is not a participating provider, the provider is responsible for that provider`s compliance with all the requirements of this contract when it provides covered services to members and that other provider agrees to accept payment for these covered services.

, in accordance with the conditions set out in this agreement.

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