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The purpose of the draft protocol is to create a joint commission to facilitate the management of the protocol. The provisions of the joint commission established under the Interbus agreement apply mutatis mutandis to the joint committee under the protocol. Therefore, the Joint Protocol Committee would look in particular at future non-essential technical and legislative updates specific to the protocol. The Joint Committee should also adopt its own internal regulation. In addition, the tasks of the Joint Committee arising from the draft protocol itself are to receive and disseminate information, to assess the functioning of the protocol every five years and to take measures in the event of a non-EU party joining the European Union. Some eligibility requirements will be specific to the new ILR routes for people under the ECAA. 3. The contracting parties concerned may, by mutual agreement and in agreement with the authorisation holder, change the operating conditions of an international regular or special service. – one or more related companies and their parent company or their businesses; The name, first or last name of the operator or executive operator in the case of a group of companies or in the case of a partnership: decisions rejecting an application must indicate the reasons on which they are based. The parties ensure that transportation companies have the opportunity to make returns if their application is rejected.

(b) „partnership“: any agreement or other contractual agreement, in any form, by which their parties designated as partners undertake to cooperate on the service they have provided; In the case of a group of operators wishing to operate regular or special international services, the authorisation is granted on behalf of all the companies in the group and indicates the names of all operators.

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